Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Industrial Scrap Recycling

4 August 2020
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Though the industrial scrap industry is dropping in recent years, it still holds a value of about $29 billion at the moment. This value illustrates just how many options you'll have when you're trying to recycle your industrial waste or scrap parts. When you have a professional relationship with an industrial scrap business, the process will go smoothly, and you'll fetch some cash for your troubles. Use these tips to start making the most of your scrap recycling opportunities. 

Find out which recyclable materials fetch the best prices

First and foremost, assess your industry and the kinds of industrial scrap you create daily. From here, you can start looking at the prices you can expect from the recycled scrap material. For example, copper prices have averaged between $1.94 per pound and $3.30 per pound in the past 5-year stretch. Recycling the most valuable scrap material will give you the most bang for your buck while also getting rid of waste where you work.

Work with a company that is professional and follows the correct procurement practices

Industrial scrap recycling is also a matter of finding the best pros. You are relying on them to not only collect and sort your scrap materials but also to do the right thing with it when they get it. This requires some research into their background and taking the time to get referrals. 

Look for industrial scrap companies that follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) procurement guidelines. This is a congressionally sanctioned set of guidelines that dictates how recyclers should handle and dispose of recyclable materials. These standards apply to recyclable industrial materials of all types, including compost, fertilizer, building insulation, and scrap steel, iron, copper, and aluminum. 

Always ask these professionals for quotes on how much they'll pay for the type of scrap you have. Work with companies that pay well and collect your scrap in a timely manner. 

Set up regular trips to the scrap center to handle your industrial waste

Finally, keep your industrial company on track with regular recycling trips. You might choose to sort your own recycling and make trips or have the industrial scrap company provide pick-ups. Working with industrial scrap companies on a contract basis will help you to formalize the agreement and stay organized with how you handle it. 

Start with the tips above to get the most out of your industrial scrap recycling service. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers industrial scrap metal recycling services.