Taking Cover: Tips For Decorating A Wedding

12 May 2015
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Outdoor weddings and receptions are so romantic, but they are also unpredictable. The weather can start out as picture perfect and quickly turn into a windy nightmare. Rain, snow, and even too hot of a sun can ruin a wedding event, and this is supposed to be the bride and groom's dream day. The best way to ensure that your wedding day will go smoothly is to rent tents for the big day to protect everyone, and everything, from the elements. The biggest reason most people don't do this is because tent rentals aren't super exciting. However, there are some really great ways to dress up a tent to fit your special occasion.

Interior Wall Panels

In order to disguise the malleable material tents are made of, you can add interior wall panels to give the appearance of solid building walls or just give them a fancier appearance. If there is a slight breeze or you have great weather, some tents allow you to open the walls up to the poles and give a more open feeling.

Lighting Choices

Adding twinkling strands of Christmas lights all around can be a great way to add low-light levels during the evening hours. They add a decorative feel that takes your tent from ordinary to extraordinary. If you want to get really fancy, tents have really high ceilings which lend themselves well to hanging a fancy chandelier in the middle. Hanging multiple chandeliers is also a classy move.

Tending to the Poles

There are a lot of tents that come with bare poles in them. You have two options for dealing with them: leave them bare or cover them up. Leaving bare poles is ideal for certain themes. If you are going for a fairy tale theme, bare poles throughout the tent can give a forest-type feel to the set up. If you choose to have them covered, tent rental companies often have covers that blend them in to the walls. You can also wrap them in fabric or strands of fabric. If all else fails, stick flower arrangements in front of them.

False ceilings

The best way to dress up a tent is to add many layers to the ceiling. Connecting a lot of fabric in many layers is a very popular choice. If you want to add more light to the room for an evening reception, you can add in strands of lights from the middle (with or without a chandelier) or across the length of the tent.

Tents are a beautiful asset to any wedding. The difference is all in the details you can add to make them fit the occasion.  To learn more about tent rentals, contact a company like Warner Shelter Systems Ltd