3 First-Timer Etiquette Mistakes To Avoid At An Auction

13 May 2015
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So, you're looking to attend your first auction (put on by a local company such as Gary Hanna Auctions Ltd), and you're excited about the idea of bidding on some items and possibly landing some great deals. Understand, however, that bidding at an auction is an art of sorts, and there are some specific, generally unspoken etiquette rules in operation at any auction or liquidation. As such, you'll want to be aware of the most common mistakes to avoid at your first auction to ensure you don't offend anybody or even get asked to leave. 

Interrogating Other Bidders

One of the worst mistakes you can make is that of speaking to other bidders about their intentions regarding what they're going to bid on. It's one thing if you're simply curious, but if you're asking with the intention of using that information to bid against them, then you might win the bid, but you're certainly not going to make any friends. This kind of tactic is looked down upon across the bidding and auctioneering committee. On that same note, if people try to make conversation with you about your plans for bidding, it's probably in your best interest to change the subject or find your way out of the conversation altogether.

Bringing Young Children

If you have young children, then leave them with a sitter while you're at an auction, if at all possible. This is especially recommended if you're going to an auction where fragile or otherwise delicate items will be on display. Otherwise, you could not only end up interrupting an auction unintentionally, but you could also be held responsible for any items that are damaged or broken by your children. Understand that even the most well behaved children can easily become bored at an auction, which can lead to disruptive behavior.

Harassing the Auctioneer

Finally, if you're going to an auction specifically to bid on one or two items, then you may find yourself feeling understandably impatient while waiting for bidding on other items to conclude. You might even feel tempted to ask the auctioneer to present the item you're interested in next, but you'll have to understand that auctioneers generally don't have any say regarding the order of the items at an auction; they follow a list that's given to them and they're expected to follow it precisely

By avoiding these common first-timer mistakes at your first auction, you'll be sure to have a great time without accidentally offending anybody in the process.