Neccessity Is The Mother Of Invention: How A Custom Machining Company Creates The Machines You Need

1 October 2015
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Sometimes there are machines you wish someone would invent, and there are machines you did not even know you needed. In either case, a custom machining company is exactly who you need to contact. Here is a look at how custom machining in Canada can help you create fabulous new machines.

From Idea to CAD Design

The idea for a new machine is stuck in your head. Until technology advances to the point that ideas can go from someone's head to an image on a computer screen, everyone has to be content with describing a product or machine and having an engineer design it on a CAD-enabled computer. If you hire a custom machining company, you will spend some time with an engineer talking about the kind of machine you want him or her to create and watch as that machine takes form within the CAD software on the computer.

From CAD Design to 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printers can now print objects that are practically the size of cars. As for anything bigger, the objects are broken down into sections, "printed," and then reassembled into the full-sized form. In the custom machining world, your CAD design is sent to the 3D printer, where it will be "printed" before a life-size non-functional version of the machine is presented to you for your approval. The added benefit of selecting this step in the process is that you can take the "printed" machine model back to your business or factory and see if it fits into the area you expect it to fit or fits as a component onto the machine to which you want it to be fitted.

From 3D Printing to Machine Production and Testing

With your approval, the 3D printed model becomes the "blueprint" from which your real machine is made. The engineers at the custom machining company spend several weeks figuring out the mathematic and scientific principles behind your machine (e.g., How strong do its composite materials have to be?, Will it need a cooling mechanism because it does or makes something else at a higher velocity?, etc.), and then they order the materials necessary to make the machine. Workers in the factory melt, pour, shape, cool and assemble all of the parts of the machine you requested. Then the machine is tested too make sure it is functional. Finally, the machine is tested in situations where you need it, and if it works and functions exactly as you expect it to, the project is complete.

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