Power Tong Features And Upgrades

5 February 2016
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When you're looking for industrial power tongs, there are a few models to choose from with a wealth of added features and upgrades. Here are some of the most important features for safe and efficient power tongs. 

Case Handles

Adding additional grips to your tong can be a good idea if you anticipate having to move the equipment manually. Steel handles can be fastened or welded onto the casing to ensure that you get a good handle on the power tong. 

Tong Straps

For something a little less heavy duty, you can consider adding threaded tong straps to the power tongs in order to move them. These straps can be removed so that they don't interfere with the tong's operation. 

Finger Guards

Another thing to consider if you anticipate a lot of manual handling is a finger guard. This feature will be added in front of the tong door to make sure that your workers' fingers don't get pinched in the gap. 

Hydraulic Backups

Having a hydraulic backup system can increase the efficiency of your system in case of power tong failure or slippage. The hydraulic system will work to supply the added power need to complete your task in case a problem is detected. 

Integrated Locks

Safety is crucial when using your power tongs; it's important to make sure that no employees are in the room while the tongs are in operation. With the addition of an integrated safety lock, you can make sure this never happens. The locking system will prevent the tongs from operating until the door is closed and secured. 

Added Control Systems

If you need to control for certain factors with your power tongs, such as system torque, then ask your manufacturer about having these systems added onto your power tongs. For instance, torque systems can be wired to automatically shut the power tong off once a specific torque is reached. 

RPM Control System

The final feature to consider is an RPM control system. This will allow you to conserve hydraulic fluid in order to get the maximum output with the smallest budget. Essentially, the RPM control system will return your hydraulic fluid to the reservoir if it is not used to power the machine. 

Industrial power tongs are an investment that can increase your productivity considerably. When you're choosing the best power tongs for your operation, consider these features to increase their value further. 

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