Keeping Safe When Using a Pallet Racking System

1 May 2017
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If you own a business where a warehouse is present upon your property, it is likely you want to have an organizational system in place for the organization of materials you keep inside of this area. A pallet racking system can be a great enhancement for a larger company as it allows for the supplies, tools, or wares you have in storage to be stacked at different levels, saving you a lot of space as a result.

The employees that utilize this system will need to be made aware of the hazards they could possibly come into contact with when using this type of enhancement. Here are some general safety tips to consider when using a pallet racking system.

Make Sure Weight Restrictions Are Posted

When you construct your pallet racking system, make sure to add signs to the different tiers to alert employees of the recommended weight restrictions for each one. This information will be found inside the instruction manual you receive with the system. If you do not have this information handy, you may be able to find a manual online.

 It is a good idea to place a sticker on each tier with the maximum number of pounds it can sustain. Keeping a scale near the pallet racking system will make it easier for employees to use the appropriate numbers.  Heavier items should be kept on the bottom tier so they do not accidentally fall on someone as they are browsing the inventory. 

Keep Items Inside Enclosed Containers

Instead of placing items loosely on top of the tiers on a pallet racking system, it is best to place them in covered bins. This will help in keeping protrusions away from people as they move the items on and off of the shelving. This will also be helpful for organizing the inventory as labels can be affixed to each of the bins indicating which items are being stored inside. 

Place Guards Along Racking Systems

Pallet racking systems are at risk of being tipped over by forklifts and other pieces of machinery that get too close to them. Make sure the system is secured to the flooring with bolts and check their status every few days to make sure no loose portions are present. Steel rails can be constructed around each system to aid in keeping the tiers from toppling to the ground. This will blockade the bases of the racking system posts so they cannot be knocked over.