The Benefits Thread Gages Offer For Your Hydraulic Items

23 January 2018
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Manufacturing facilities often use high-pressure hydraulic items to operate heavy machinery. If you have items like this in your facility, you owe it to yourself to buy a thread gage. These products will help keep your hydraulics running smoothly for years.

Why These Gages Benefit Your Business

Thread gages are designed to test what thread is necessary for an externally-threaded item in a manufacturing facility. There are many types of threaded items in most factories and manufacturing areas. For example, the hydraulic gear in your factory typically have an externally-threaded pipe that connects to exterior air tanks and other items.

Using one of these products in your facility helps to ensure that your hydraulic equipment is fit with the proper products. They can also serve as a bridge between parts that don't quite fit together. Before purchasing one, however, it is important to know how to use one on your hydraulic gear.

Using One Is Typically Quite Simple

Using a thread gage is a very simple process. You simply insert one of the gages on the tool on top of your externally-threaded hydraulic gear. Turn it a few times to test the width of the threaded item. At this point, you should have a reading or a better understanding of the threads you need to install items on your hydraulic gear. In this way, you can make sure that your connections are tight and that no leaks occur around the edges.

Tolerances Vary For These Gages

Tolerance is a very important consideration when choosing a gage for your factory's hydraulics. That's because each of these gages is built to measure different threaded areas and also manage different levels of pressure. You can usually find the tolerance printed on the side of the box or on a website that discusses the various pitches and tolerances of a gage.

Usually, the width of a gage heavily influences its tolerance. For example, narrower ones usually have a lower tolerance level than wider ones. However, the tolerance can also vary depending on the manufacturer of the part. Make sure to spend a little money your gages to ensure your hydraulic parts get the connecting items they need.

So don't hesitate to talk to a high-quality provider of these parts, such as WEST port, to find one that fits your facility's hydraulic parts. They can pick a gage that will work for a majority of your connective items and ensure that you only install the best parts in your facility.