Strange Noises In The Boiler? Replacing The Pump May Be Necessary

12 March 2018
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A high-quality boiler provides your home with hot water and a variety of other benefits. However, it may also start to make strange noises when it is running. If you notice this issue, you need to either get your boiler repaired ASAP or get it replaced.

Strange Whistling Noises May Occur In Your Boiler

When a boiler runs in your basement, you may hear a wide variety of strange noises that occur when it starts running too fast. These noises often sound like banging, whistling, and gurgling. When they happen, your boiler is suffering from a problem known as kettling. This situation can be very traumatic for the lifespan of your boiler.

That's because it typically forces the boiler to run more poorly or inefficiently. When that happens, the parts of the boiler (such as the fan or coils) may start to fail. However, the biggest contributing factor to this problem is likely the imminent failure of your boiler pump.

Boiler Pump Failures May Be To Blame

The boiler pump is one of the most important elements of the element because it helps to pump the hot water through the system. It also circulates the heat and ensures that the system runs more smoothly. Unfortunately, it is also prone to certain kinds of damage that can cause it to run down.

For example, clogs can cause the pump motor to require more power to run smoothly. When it starts to wear down, it will make rather strange noises due to the kettling occurring inside. Replacing some parts or even the whole boiler may be necessary.

The Average Boiler Cost Is Essential To Understand

Replacing a boiler that is making strange noises costs anywhere from $400 to over $10,000. This wide range of costs is due to a variety of factors. Some replacement may only require getting a new pump that runs more smoothly. However, the higher-end repairs typically require a complete replacement of your pump.

The usual range is about $3,300 to just over $7,300. As a result, it is important to save up for this kind of repair. A few fixes, such as a new pump or even coil replacement, may serve as a temporary fix for this issue. In this way, you can avoid having to replace your whole boiler.

However, if your pump has run down too much and your boiler needs replacement, talk to a boiler installation professional right away. They can help you find a replacement method that is as inexpensive as possible and save you a lot of money.