Three Reasons Why You Should Install A Stainless Steel Valve For Outdoor Spigots

2 April 2018
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Every home and every apartment building has outdoor spigots. These spigots exist for the purpose of watering the lawn in times of drought, and for watering flowers. They can also be the source of childhood joy if and when you use the spigots for sprinkler toys and filling pools. How you use your outdoor spigots is up to you, but you really should consider buying and installing a stainless steel valve for each of your outdoor spigots. Here is why.

These Valves Prevent Little Hands from Turning on the Water

Most stainless steel valves for use with outdoor spigots have a locking mechanism. This means that your little ones cannot get into mischief by turning on the water while they are outside and flood your yard in the process. They would have to figure out the unique locking system before they could turn the water on themselves. That means they would have to ask you to turn on the water, giving the parental control on this matter back to you.

Ice Will Not Break Them, Rust Will Not Ruin Them

Ice is notorious for causing pipe and valve problems where the usual outdoor, turning handles exist. The ice can cause these sort of round, sort of spiderweb-looking handles to break off at the bases, making it impossible to turn on the water in the warmer months. Rain also causes these valve handles to rust, preventing you from turning the handles and opening the spigots completely. A stainless steel valve encounters none of those issues because it cannot rust, and its method of shutting off water is quite different.

They Make It Easier to Attach a Garden Hose

Most outdoor spigots tend to arc downward. It can be a little tricky sometimes to attach a garden hose, especially if the spigot is in a tight or awkward space. With a stainless steel valve, the spigot extends straight out from its place on the outdoor wall of your home or building. That makes it much easier to attach a garden hose and turn on the water.

Where to Get Your Stainless Steel Valves

Most industrial and building manufacturers make stainless steel valves. They make them in all sizes, too. Just be sure to measure the diameter of the spigot connection before you purchase your valve or valves. Otherwise you will end up with valves that do not fit and will not work.

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