2 Different Types of Fluid Pumps & What to Look for When Buying One

16 May 2018
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Fluid pumps, also known as hydraulic pumps, are used to pump fluid into an outlet. If your company is going to start using these pumps, learning about the different types available is important. To help you, below are two different types of pumps, as well as what you should look for when purchasing one, so you can be sure you purchase the right one for your company.

Two Types of Fluid Pumps

Two common types of fluid pumps include:

Axial Fluid Pump: An axial fluid pump runs via axial pistons that are mounted on the pump. This piston is used to pressurize the fluid inside the pump. When you turn the pump on it immediately pushes the fluid through various chambers of the axial piston pump and then pressurizes the fluid.

Radial Fluid Pump: A radial fluid pump runs via radial pistons that are mounted on the pump. In some cases, a second motor is used if the fluid pump has more than one piston. This is because there must be enough power for the pistons to move and cause the fluid to pressurize.  

You will also hear the terms internal fluid pump, which is a pump that uses internal gears, and external pump, which is a pump that uses external gears. You will also hear the term vane pump which only means a vane is used during the pressurizing process.

What to Look for in a Fluid Pump

No matter the type of fluid pump you purchase there are different things you need to look for when you buy one. For example, you should know what the maximum pressure is for the pump, as well as how fast the pump operates, and the horsepower. The operating speed is specified by how many times the pump rotates per minute. You also need to know the maximum temperature the fluid pump can run.

Consider how important the pump is for operating your company. For example, some pumps can be removed for repairs and maintenance. Other pumps, however, are more permanent. This means a professional must come to your business to work on the pump, which may take a little longer. For this reason, if your business would go down if the pump goes down, purchase a pump that you can easily remove. This also allows you to easily replace the pump with a new one, if needed.

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