Wastewater Equipment You May Need When You Construct A Paper Mill

25 November 2019
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Paper mills dot the landscape near all major freshwater waterways in the Midwest. More plants and more additions to current plants are constructed every few years. The biggest issues these plants face is making sure that what paper products they produce do not harm the environment in the process, and that any wastewater left from production is dealt with properly. If you are about to invest in and construct a paper mill of your own, you will need to contact a wastewater equipment supplier. The following examples are just some of the things you will need to effectively address and/or treat wastewater in your new paper mill. 

Holding Tanks

Holding tanks have two applications. You need tanks to hold clean water for plant use, which have to be kept separate from the wastewater tanks. Then you have additional tanks to act as holding tanks for the wastewater. The tanks can be identical equipment, but they do have to be clearly labeled and they have to have their own separate plumbing. 

Wastewater Plumbing and Sifting

You should have tanks that hold solids out of the wastewater and move just wastewater into other tanks beyond. For example, if you have pulp pieces that have managed to slip into the wastewater flow, you need to sift those out somewhere along the plumbing lines to the holding tanks. This is commonly done in wastewater treatment plants, so the plumbing and sifting screens inside pipes can be used for essentially the same thing here; sorting out solids from liquids. Ask your equipment supplier to send what you need for your mill's system according to the construction and plumbing plans you will provide to the equipment supplier. 

Water Purification Equipment

Decide ahead of time if your paper mill will be purifying its own wastewater to reuse it inside the plant and reduce environmental concerns, or if you will be sending wastewater out to be treated elsewhere. If you choose the former, you will need all the necessary pieces of equipment to build a water purification system within the plant. In doing so, you can reuse the same water, again and again, reducing the amount of water your plant needs to take from the nearby waterway. If you choose the latter, you have to make your holding tanks easily accessible so that pump trucks can come and remove the wastewater daily or every other day. If that is the case, you will also need hoses and other equipment that will aid the pump trucks in removing the wastewater from your plant's wastewater holding tanks. 

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