Hand Trucks – Essential Tools For Loading Docks

3 December 2020
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Hand trucks are essential tools for loading docks. They offer many benefits to the businesses that provide them and the employees who use them. A few of the highlights are listed below.

Reduce Absenteeism for Businesses

According to Spine Universe, an online magazine for healthcare professionals, back pain accounts for roughly 15 percent of employee sick leaves from work, costing businesses approximately 100 million lost days of labor every year.

Hand trucks can be essential tools in your efforts to reduce back injuries suffered on the job. In turn, it keeps your labor force present and better satisfied with their work environment.

How do hand trucks help in this process? Hand trucks can reduce the number of trips employees must make carrying heavy loads. Further, they are safer for use when transporting these larger loads onto trucks or from trucks and into your warehouse or distribution center.

Improve Pace of Loading and Unloading Trucks

There are few places where the phrase "time is money" is more relevant than on a loading dock. Every minute it takes to unload and load a truck is a minute that employees aren't devoting to filling orders and preparing for the next truck.

Hand trucks allow employees to carry more goods and heavier loads which greatly speeds up the process saving you time and costing organizations less money in the process.

Some hand trucks can tackle loads of up to 600 pounds or more. These are loads that mere mortals simply cannot carry with any sort of proficiency. Much less without risking injury to themselves, others on the loading dock, or the merchandise they are carrying. Hand trucks allow employees to move more quickly on the loading docks which is good for business.

Reduce Damage to Merchandise

Most businesses keep records concerning the number of products and goods that are damaged while loading onto trucks or when removed from trucks. Reducing those numbers can help businesses improve profits. Hand trucks allow employees the opportunity to move items with greater safety in mind.

The bottom line is that hand trucks allow employees to move more items with reduced risks of damaging those items in transit. It is great news for the entire organization.

Are you using hand trucks on your loading docks? If you're not working with large pallets that require heavy-duty fork lifts your business could be leaving money on the table by working without these incredible tools. Learn more about hand trucks from a company like http://www.commercialhardwaregroup.com.