The Addition of an Ice Machine and Maintenance Requirements

11 February 2021
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If a countertop ice maker or pre-purchased ice products that were acquired through an independent supplier have not furnished you with the number of cubes needed, an automatic ice machine may be a better source. Many restaurant owners rely upon crushed or cubed ice that is produced in batches and this type of setup will make each service more streamlined.

1. The Unit Type

Many commercial ice makers are constructed of stainless steel and may contain PVC, brass, or other materials that comprise the inner trough and faceplate. An ice maker will be classified by its model number. This number can be used to research the amount of ice that can be produced every day, the volume of ice that is dispensed during each press of a button, and the weekly or monthly maintenance requirements.

Determine how many beverages or chilled products you and your kitchen staff contend with every day. You may also want to consider other ways that ice can be used within your business, which may ultimately increase the amount necessary to complete applications each day. Shop for an ice machine model that is capable of making the amount of ice needed and that will be fairly easy to maintain.

2. The Setup and Maintenance Steps 

Decide upon a favorable area to set the machine up in. You may prefer to have the machine located within the confines of the kitchen if most of the prep work is completed there, including the filling of glasses and the preservation of fresh food products. If it will be more convenient to allow your patrons access to the machine, have it set up along a wall that is within the dining area.

When your patrons can get the ice themselves, they won't ask your busy waitstaff to do it for them. The only drawback with having more people eligible to operate the machine is that you will need to be more mindful of the maintenance requirements of the equipment.

The machine's outer case should be cleaned daily. This will involve the use of a sanitizing agent, which will kill germs and remove smudges. The interior chamber and electrical components should be serviced separately. Some machines contain parts that can be removed from the outer casing, which will make it easier to access interior parts that need to be cleaned.

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