Custom Rubber For Manufacturing Processes

20 October 2021
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A custom rubber compound is produced during the preliminary stages of preparing a batch of custom rubber products. The tensile strength, product design, surface features, and chemical and heat resistance are important variables that will determine the longevity and usefulness of a rubber component.

Targeted Use

If basic rubber pieces that are a uniform size will not work for the application desired, custom pieces will be needed. The targeted use will be one of the most essential details that need to be shared with a supplier. If you purchase a thin rubber product that cannot withstand vibrations or heat, you will not be pleased with your initial purchase if you need the rubber to withstand extreme conditions.

Let a manufacturer know about the environment where rubber pieces will be used, the number of rubber components that you are in need of, and any unique characteristics that you would like the rubber products to possess. If you are already in possession of rubber components that were previously used to perform an application, you can send these to a company that supplies custom products.

Rubber will eventually wear out after extended use. The worn-out parts that you are in possession of may provide enough visual and physical information about the type of products that you are in need of. A prototype will be created and multiple pieces will be produced from this initial rubber component.


If you haven't upgraded your equipment in a while and are seeking custom rubber pieces to improve your facility's machinery, acquiring some sample rubber products may be of interest. Contact a supplier and request samples of some of their most popular products. Various rubber grades and colors may be offered through a supplier.

Being able to test the strength, colorfastness, and heat resistance of a wide range of rubber pieces will help you determine what product will be best suited for the upgrades that will be performed. If you are uncertain what dimensions you would like the custom rubber pieces to possess, request assistance.

Providing pictures of equipment that will be used in conjunction with the rubber and furnishing measurements of the areas where the rubber will be attached will help a designer prepare a prototype. You can test out a single piece of rubber that has been manufactured, prior to placing a batch order that includes a series of rubber pieces that contain the same physical properties.

For more information about rubber parts manufacturing, contact a local supplier.