Reasons To Use The ACP-2500HMFS-100 Pump For Your Machine Tools

12 May 2022
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Due to the technological revolution in the metalworking industry, metal fabrication machines need reliable coolant and lubricant pumps. Regular lubrication is vital for reducing friction during metal cutting. Coolant helps moderate temperature, which makes your machines work more efficiently. Depending on the type and size of the machine you are using, you need to pump varying amounts of coolant fluid to reduce heat, thus preserving your machine's life span. There are various ways to deliver coolant and lubricant to your cutting tools. Below is why the ACP-2500HMFS-100 pump is excellent for your machine tools. 

Offers High-Precision Operation 

If your machines are always running, cooling them is the only way to prevent damage. Your coolant pumps can't afford to have efficiency problems when they are set up on your machine. If they do, it will cost you. The ACP-2500HMFS-100 pumps are multi-staged, high-head pumps that guarantee high-precision operation. So there is better cooling, and the temperature remains constant due to the innovative components and designs on the ACP-HMFS series pumps. 

Key Specs Offered by ACP-2500HMFS-100 Pump Units 

The ACP-2500HMFS-100 pumps have several important specs that make them stand out and qualify as an excellent choice for your machine.

1. Discharge Volume

The discharging volume design is changeable by the viscosity of your coolant fluid. The motor also increases heat when the viscosity is higher. 

2. Head

This multi-stage centrifugal pump uses a large quantity of oil to flow down the machine's working parts. Thus, the cooling fluid washes the chips away, promoting your machine efficiency at all times. The oil temperature is constantly maintained as the motor and pump function separately.

3. Inlet and Outlet

The inlet bottom installation of the pump improves the decreasing suction friction and thus promotes high efficiency. There is little distance between the tank and casing bottom.

4. Prevent Leaks

The material of an ACP-2500HMFS-100 ensures your machine is safe from leakages. You can rest assured the expensive coolant will not leak and make a mess.

Let Specialized Freight Company Handle Your Shipping

Coolant pumps, for industrial machines, may be large and thus require a different type of shipping. Whether you are a machine tool dealer, manufacture original types of equipment, or have a manufacturing plant for metal fabrication, whatever size your pump is, it should be secure. Special shipping procedures require a freight company specializing in shipping coolant pumps. So, your pump will reach you properly packaged and ready to function no matter where you are.

Contact an industrial equipment supplier for more information on the ACP-2500HMFS-100 coolant pump.