Advice For Commercial Property Owners Purchasing New Circuit Breakers

12 July 2022
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If your commercial site's circuit breaker is severely damaged, it's probably best to find a replacement. Then you can proceed to using this electrical system safely again. Just make sure you use this guide when purchasing a new circuit breaker for commercial applications. 

Find a Breaker That Complies With Your Building Codes

Your commercial property will have building codes and you need to respect them, especially if you plan on getting a new circuit breaker. Then you can keep your property safe from an electrical standpoint, as well as not have to worry about costly fines.

You can consult with an electrician to find out what electrical codes are relevant to this new circuit breaker investment. They can show you what breaker models comply with them too, which saves you from making a poor investment. An electrician can even help you wire the new circuit breaker in a code-compliant way so you have nothing to worry about.

Make Sure Tripping Performance Is Reliable

There might be a time when you accidentally overload your circuit breaker. For instance, you may try to use too many electrical systems at once. Well that's not going to be much of a problem if you find a new circuit breaker with reliable tripping performance. 

Each time there is an electrical overload, the new circuit breaker should trip and thus protect these electrical systems as a whole. You can discuss tripping performance and its overall reliability with a manufacturer of new circuit breakers to make sure this safety aspect is dependable. 

Verify Voltage Capacity Is Enough

In order to successfully set up a new circuit breaker in your commercial property and use it without experiencing chronic issues, you need to make sure it has enough voltage capacity. Some circuit breakers have larger voltage compacities than others.

You just need to see what type of electrical demand your commercial property will put on the new circuit breaker and then you can figure out this spec. If you're still not sure, hire an electrician. They'll give you a target voltage capacity range to shoot for based on the electrical systems in your commercial building.

If you identify major issues with your commercial property's circuit breaker and this component thus needs to be replaced with a new one, make sure you carefully look at the circuit breaker market. You can then find one that's compatible and easy to set up.