Scissor Lift Rental: Safety Tips To Be Aware Of

6 December 2022
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One of the best ways you can elevate your height for work projects is to use a scissor lift. It's a platform that can raise up and down thanks to hydraulics. If you plan to rent this machinery out, be sure to go over these safety tips before you use it around a site.

Check For Hazards Before Using 

Before you get a scissor lift rental from a supplier, it's important to check out the site where it will be used and perform an inspection for hazards. You don't want them to be present when this machinery is set up and used. 

For instance, you want to pay attention to potential hazards up near the heights you'll be working around. Power lines are something you would want to stay clear from. Also, be sure to assess the ground conditions where this lift will be used. They need to be stable and capable of supporting this machinery with you on it. 

Go Through Safety Training if Inexperienced

If you don't have a lot of experience with scissor lifts, then you should schedule safety training before your lift rental is provided by a supplier. Then you can take risks out of the equation, feeling much better about how to work with this equipment. 

Scissor lift safety training isn't long and it will cover a lot of important topics. For example, you can go over the weight capacity of these lifts, how to move them up and down safely, and proper transportation measures. At the end of this training, you'll know how to avoid unnecessary risks with this equipment.

Check Out the Guardrails

An important safety component of scissor lifts is the guardrail on the sides. You want to check out these components thoroughly before you get on this machinery and elevate your height. Then you can make sure you can remain safe when using this lift.

Look at the guardrails carefully to make sure they don't have any structural damage like rust or bent portions. You might also touch the guardrails with your hands and shake them to verify they're sturdy. Then even if you lean up against them, they'll support your full weight. 

If you need to use a scissor lift to reach up high for a short-term project, scissor lift rentals are available. Make sure you read up on proper safety protocols with this machinery so that you don't have negative experiences to worry about.