Your First Heating Oil Delivery: What To Expect

27 June 2023
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Transitioning to heating oil as your primary heat source requires an initial delivery of oil. To help you navigate this new experience, here's a step-by-step rundown of what happens when you receive your first heating oil delivery.

Scheduling the First Delivery

Once you've selected a reliable heating oil supplier, the first step involves scheduling the delivery. When you make your order, you'll be asked about the size of your tank to estimate the amount of oil needed. In many cases, the supplier will suggest filling the tank, especially for the first delivery.

It's important to plan your delivery before your tank is completely empty to prevent potential heating interruptions.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Before the actual oil delivery, the supplier may conduct a pre-delivery inspection, especially for first-time deliveries. This step is crucial to ensure that the oil tank, gauge, filler pipe, and vent pipe are in good working condition and accessible for delivery. The supplier might also check that the tank's base is stable and the oil lines are clear.

The Delivery Process

On the day of delivery, the delivery driver will connect a hose from the delivery truck to the fill pipe of your oil tank. The oil is then pumped into the tank. Most oil tanks have a vent alarm or whistle that sounds while the tank is being filled. This stops when the oil reaches the maximum level, alerting the driver to halt the delivery.

Post-Delivery Check

After the oil has been pumped into the tank, the driver will perform a quick post-delivery check. This includes checking the gauge on the tank to confirm it shows the correct oil level and inspecting the area around the tank for any signs of leakage. 

The driver may also provide advice on monitoring your oil levels and when to order your next delivery based on your estimated usage.

Delivery Documentation

Once the delivery is complete, you'll receive a delivery ticket detailing the date, the amount of oil delivered, and the price per gallon. Keep these documents for your records as they can help you track your oil consumption over time and plan future deliveries.

Scheduling Next Delivery and Understanding Billing

After your first delivery, you'll need to think about scheduling your next one. How frequently you'll need a refill depends on factors such as the size of your tank, the size of your property, how well it's insulated, and the weather.

When it comes to billing, your heating oil company will provide several options. You might be billed immediately after each delivery, or you could be set up on a payment plan that spreads your payments throughout the year. Some providers offer budget plans that estimate your annual usage and divide the cost into equal monthly payments.

Contact a local heating oil company to learn more.